(aka runandlift)

Body Transformation Specialist & Medical Doctor

My name is Marco, I am a medical doctor and fitness expert. My ultimate goal in life is to serve as the best advocate of health that I can possibly be. Not only through my role as a doctor who preaches a healthy lifestyle, but also as a fitness enthusiast who leads by example.


My science and medical studies throughout the years have allowed me to acquire an abundance of knowledge in exercise science and nutrition. I also have 10+ years of training experience, which has complimented my theoretical knowledge. Not only have I mastered the science behind fitness and nutrition to a level far beyond that of a regular personal trainer, but I’ve also achieved real life results with my own transformation along with that of thousands of people worldwide.


This journey all began as a child who was constantly faced with a rather unusual dilemma. Having a strong passion for both school and sports, I was often torn between going out to play and spending a few more hours studying. I always feared the day when I’d have to let go of one in order to pursue the other. But that’s when it hit me. Why are medicine and fitness so often mutually exclusive fields or career paths, when in reality they both share the common goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle? Why don’t all doctors practice what they preach to their patients and why don’t all trainers have access to all the knowledge available in terms of nutrition and exercise science? I’ve been blessed with a passion for both these fields so why not combine my interests and integrate them into one! That’s exactly what I’ve done and there’s been no looking back ever since.


There are 2 main objectives I’ve set myself out to achieve.

1. Help others optimize their health and fitness by adopting a healthier lifestyle.
2. Serve as an example to show how no matter what your career or time constraints are, living a healthy and active lifestyle is always possible.


If you’re a beginner who’s just starting to workout, I will help you skip the trial and error period that most beginners go through and get you results as effectively and efficiently as possible. If you’re experienced in the gym but realize that your progress has slowed, I will help you bring your body to the next level. No matter who you are, what your goal is and what you wish to achieve, I will assess your current status and determine what you need. I invite you all to join my team. A team where you’re not only a member, but also a friend whose transformation is my responsibility.